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Our curriculum is specially created for every age group and each child's unique needs, encompassing the essential subjects of writing, literacy, reading, math, science, physical education, social abilities, emotional health, character growth, and imaginative expression. It is also adaptable to different educational boards like CBSE, ICSE, and Matriculation.

The pedagogy techniques employed by V-Kids aim to help children develop independence, concentration, and perseverance in a safe and enriching environment. Teachers guide the development of children with enthusiasm and skill, enabling them to gain knowledge and skills to reach their full potential.

ECA YLP – Extra Curricular Activities – Year-Long Programme

At V-Kids, we believe that every child is unique and has a God-given talent. Through ECA YLP, our mandatory school curriculum, we are providing our students with a continuous year-long platform to showcase, and further develop, their innate abilities. This process aims to not only develop the individual student but also the V-Kids student community as a whole.

Exercises Of Practical Life (EPL)

These activities are designed to promote independence, curiosity, focus, and endurance in children. By interacting with real-world objects in the "prepared environment," these tasks help to coordinate the body and mind in order to complete any task. Moreover, EPL activities encourage children to independently partake in everyday activities and build critical life skills.

Sensorial Stimuli

We understand the essential inner need for every child to actively explore and engage with the world around them through their senses. To help them do so, we provide a range of scientifically designed Montessori equipment tailored to awaken their senses and provide an enriching experience.


Preparation for formal writing and reading begins with verbal or pre-reading exercises. After these preparatory tasks, both physical and mental activities are implemented in order to ensure children can identify and spell sounds appropriately using Phonetics.


Pre-number concepts are taught in a manner that a child grasps the concepts with ease, and proceeds to identify the symbols and quantities that represent them.

Social & Cultural

Through the various activities of EVS, stories, rhymes, and general knowledge classes, children will be able to develop a positive attitude, good manners, and a sense of responsibility, allowing them to act independently.


Highly qualified and well-experienced teachers handle the Kindergarteners with great zeal and enthusiasm.


Our school focus is on imparting knowledge to the students by providing a situation where they can get overall physical and mental development. Different Club activities like Yoga, Gardening, Heritage, Health & Hygiene and Language club provided opportunities for interactive and self-learning.

Extra-curricular activities

The kids are encouraged to take part in a series of extra-curricular activities including bunnies, yoga, gardening, dance (classical & western) and music.