Velammal Vidyalaya, located in Avadi, is a shining example of educational excellence among CBSE schools in Chennai. Founded in 2016, our school's primary focus is on honouring and nurturing the individuality and uniqueness of each student. We have a dedicated team of 119 staff members who are constantly working towards recognising and developing the unique potential of our 1883 students. At our institution, we take great pride in our core values, which promote holistic development, experiential learning, and a continuous effort to keep up with the latest trends in education.



Velammal School provides its students with three well-equipped laboratories for physical and life sciences, enabling them to engage in hands-on learning and foster a deeper understanding of scientific principles.


With over 50 computers, Velammal School's well-equipped computer lab provides students with the opportunity to learn and practice computer skills in a modern setting.


The Velammal library offers a wide range of books and multimedia resources, including a projector and surround sound system, to cater to different learning preferences.


Velammal believes that playtime is as important as academics, and offers a wide variety of indoor and outdoor sports activities such as basketball, football, volleyball, chess, cricket, and athletics.


Velammal School has implemented digital teaching through multimedia, utilizing smart class boards to enhance curriculum comprehension and create a lasting, multisensory learning experience.


Extra-Curricular Activities Year-Long Program (ECAYLP) is an integral part of our educational philosophy, designed to nurture the diverse talents and interests of our students. Through structured courses in Music, Dance, Fine Arts, Cambridge's Young Learner's English Course, Uniformed Services, Yoga, Sports, and Hindi, ECAYLP empowers our students to become well-rounded individuals, ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.