Since the success of its flagship kindergarten in Mogappair West, we opened another branch in Mogappair East, supporting 343 children, all under the soft care of a dedicated 24 staff. At V-Kids, we understand that childhood should be filled with joy and wonder - a belief nurtured and supported by our safe and secure learning spaces. Here, we strive to sow the seeds of curiosity and learning that will guide and equip our children for the adventure ahead. By creating lasting relationships, paving paths to success, and providing a place for young minds to explore, our ultimate goal is to help these young saplings blossom and thrive.



The Velammal library offers a wide range of books and multimedia resources, including a projector and surround sound system, to cater to different learning preferences.


Velammal believes that playtime is as important as academics, and offers a indoor and outdoor play areas.


Velammal's commitment to student health extends beyond the classroom, with a fully functional Health Centre offering first aid and emergency medical care under the supervision of a doctor, a nurse and a special caretaker to nurture personal cleanliness, table manners, and toilet habits among its students.


To enhance the learning experience and promote outcome-based education, Velammal School has implemented digital teaching through multimedia, utilizing Smart Class Boards that provide a visually engaging and multisensory approach to learning.


Extra-Curricular Activities Year-Long Program (ECAYLP) is an integral part of our educational philosophy, designed to nurture the diverse talents and interests of our students. Through structured courses in Music, Dance, Fine Arts, Cambridge's Young Learner's English Course, Uniformed Services, Yoga, Sports, and Hindi, ECAYLP empowers our students to become well-rounded individuals, ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.


V-Cafe at Velammal offers an extensive selection of nutritious meals and snacks at an affordable price that appeals to all taste preferences, with an emphasis on quality, cleanliness, and comfort.


The school provides bus transport facility with fixed stops to meet the needs of the residents and ensure students get to school on time.


Designed and constructed to meet the specific needs of students, Velammal's infrastructure features a high-tech security system with CCTV cameras at strategic points for parental monitoring.


Our air-conditioned classrooms are designed with ample space to provide safe and free movement for students, fostering a comfortable and conducive learning environment.