Velammal Vidyalaya West was established in 2021 with a core mission to provide an enriching educational environment where students can reach their utmost potential both in their studies and as members of society. With a student body of 3,039 and a staff of 197, our institution takes a comprehensive approach to learning, offering a variety of classroom instruction, extracurricular activities, cultural events, and sports opportunities. We strive to create an atmosphere that elevates student awareness and prepares them for a bright future.



Velammal School provides an experiential learning opportunity with its three-well equipped laboratories for physical and life sciences.


With over 50 computers, Velammal School's well-equipped computer lab provides students with the opportunity to learn and practice computer skills in a modern setting.


The Velammal library offers a wide range of books and multimedia resources, including a projector and surround sound system, to cater to different learning preferences.


At Velammal, we believe that play time is important for holistic development and offers a wide variety of indoor and outdoor sports activities, including basketball, football, volleyball, chess, cricket, and athletics.


To enhance the learning experience and promote outcome-based education, Velammal School has implemented digital teaching through multimedia, utilizing Smart Class Boards that provide a visually engaging and multisensory approach to learning.


Our Extra-Curricular Activities Year-Long Program (ECAYLP) is designed to nurture the diverse talents and interests of our students, helping them discover hidden passions, cultivate creativity, and develop essential life skills. From mastering the rhythm of a melody to honing teamwork through sports, ECAYLP empowers our students to embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.


Velammal School is a pioneer in the fields of robotics, drones, and other technological advancement programs, empowering students to explore the boundless opportunities that lie ahead.