In 2023, Velammal Academy Nolambur AC Campus was established. Offering a comprehensive approach to education, the institution is devoted to providing its 208 students with an enriching learning experience that extends beyond conventional classroom teaching. A range of extracurricular activities to fully explore academics, culture, community service, sports, and technology are all facilitated to nurture the individual character of each student. The credentials of our school are upheld by its 39 dedicated staff members, who strive to ensure that every student is intellectually and socially empowered. This thought is the mission of our institution that carries our namesake with distinction.



Velammal School provides an experiential learning opportunity with its three-well equipped laboratories for physical and life sciences.


With over 50 computers, the well-equipped computer lab at Velammal School serves as an integral part of the learning process, providing students with hands-on experience in computer science and enabling them to execute projects and prepare quality display materials.


The Velammal library offers a wide range of books and multimedia resources, including a projector and surround sound system, to cater to different learning preferences.


We strongly believe that playtime is equally important as academics. Hence sports activities are an integral part of our curriculum, for holistic development of the student. Our school offers a wide variety of indoor and outdoor sports activities such as Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Chess, Cricket and Athletics.


Velammal prioritizes the well-being of its students, providing first aid and emergency medical care through its well-stocked Health Centre and dedicated medical staff.


Velammal School has implemented digital teaching through multimedia, utilizing smart class boards to enhance curriculum comprehension and create a lasting, multisensory learning experience.


Velammal School's cutting-edge robotics and drones lab equips students with the skills and knowledge to thrive in the ever-evolving technological landscape.


Velammal School has an in-house counselor who helps students with learning challenges overcome their difficulties and succeed academically.


The school provides a bus transport facility with fixed stops to meet the needs of the residents and ensure students get to school on time.


Our air-conditioned classrooms are designed with ample space to provide safe and free movement for students, fostering a comfortable and conducive learning environment.