Education is the pillar on which society is built. The advances in the current education system help us grow, flourish and create a community that fuels the modern world. Education equips the next generation to gracefully handle the challenges of an ever-changing world, moulding them with skills to help them progress in life.

Is there a link between education and societal growth? Of course, there is! Education helps raise a society from its depths and improves its chances of attaining a myriad of opportunities in a competitive world. Education also helps in the true liberation of an individual, helping them get financial stability and enhancing their skills for a better quality of life.

Realising your true potential:

Education unlocks an individual’s true potential, helping them define their dream and work on a steady path to achieve it. It helps a person gain confidence and gives them a sense of self-esteem, pushing them to set goals and work towards achieving them with determination. Education also offers financial independence – a crucial factor in this modern society. By creating individuals capable of standing on their feet, we raise an entire generation that knows the value of independence, creating a society of strong-willed people.

Increased opportunities for career growth:

Education opens doors for many in terms of careers. While building a career is not solely based on education, one cannot deny that education is a primary factor that boosts people to have a solid and steady profession. Opportunities for career growth expand the more educated a person is, leading to a steady incline in the progress of society.

Sharpening critical thinking skills:

Critical thinking is an often overlooked skill in education. However, the problem-solving skills we learn in school guide us in making rational decisions. As children become adults, they face a myriad of issues that can only be solved by having a sensible temperament that can help them make sound decisions to aid them.

Overall development of society:

Education is the backbone of a society, uplifting a community and all the people in it. As more people enter the workforce, the country’s GDP grows, propelling a community to a pivotal role in the growth and development of the world. By providing education to the financially disadvantaged, we help them overcome their situation, decreasing the poverty rates.

Contribute to the community:

Education helps people attain a sense of importance and stability that, in turn, puts them in a position where they can give back to the community. Change starts small, and it all starts from within the neighbourhood. As the educated enter society, they feel the need to improve the society they are a part of, thereby leading to them helping out in local community-level projects that enhance their neighbourhoods. 

Bridging the gap between borders:

Education also helps bridge the gap between continents, with the digital age allowing more access to all countries. So, we create a society involved in the ongoings of not just their country but also their surrounding neighbours. The borders decrease as people learn more about new cultures, customs and traditions.

The growth of society relies on the education system, as it has the power to tip the scales between good and evil. The Velammal group of institutions was created with these above ideas to raise its students to become understanding citizens of society. By embedding them with skills that can help them further their lives and contribute to the world, we support them to navigate the world with ease and confidence.

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