As parents, there are few tasks as tedious as finding the perfect school for your kids. A good education is vital, and it all comes down to the school you choose for your kid. Such a decision could make or break your child’s academic future. 

Does finding the right school for your child matter? Yes, it does. Schools impart education to children, teach them routine, provide them with communication and critical thinking skills, encourage them to explore new things out of their comfort zones, allow them a space to socialise with their peers and much more. They become a place where children spend hours of the formative years of their lives, learning, developing and growing into the adults they will become.

Here are some of the factors to consider while choosing a school for your child: 

Teaching Pedagogy

Schools are, of course, automatically linked to education. And so, it is paramount to consider the teaching methodology of schools and the unique pedagogy they follow to help the students understand complex concepts quickly. The availability of qualified staff and good management make a school, so choosing a school with a well-renowned reputation is vital. 


Most schools advise that their students be residents of the neighbouring areas. This isn’t to create any exclusion, but rather to make sure the school is in close proximity to your locality to guarantee the safety of the students and also reduce the commute time. This will ensure that your child doesn’t get worn out due to the commute to and from school.

Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities

A well-rounded education is vital for the healthy growth of a child. A well-rounded education involves not just academics but also a mix of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. While several schools focus on academics, many schools fail to consider the fact that co-curriculars and extra-curriculars are equally important for a child.

Co-curriculars and extra-curricular activities engage the students in healthy competition. They also help to build morale, character, physical growth and creativity. So, while choosing a school, it is essential to focus on a school having a healthy balance of co-curricular/extra-curricular and academics. 

Safety and Security

Safety is, of course, a critical factor to consider when it comes to schools. Your children spend close to 7 hours in school, so it is paramount that they feel comforted and cared for. Assuring the safety of their students is the simplest thing that a school can do, yet it might be overlooked by several schools. Therefore, always ascertain that the school you choose can guarantee the safety and security of your child. 

Facilities & Infrastructure

Equipping their schools with state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure such as labs, libraries, well-ventilated and well-lit classrooms, huge sports grounds and playgrounds is essential for running a good school. These facilities and infrastructure will inculcate a sense of belonging and pride in students, helping them excel. Better infrastructure also means a better environment for learning.

Values and ethics

Children learn their morals, values and ethics from school, as they spend years of their lives in this environment. So, it is crucial to ensure the school you enrol your child in has the morals, values and ethics that align with your own so they can be imparted to your child. 

A comprehensive education matters to the fundamental development of a child’s adolescent years, as these help inform the adults they will become in this society.

Velammal group of institutions help your child gain a holistic education so they grow up to become well-rounded adults. We help mould them with the perfect balance of academics and life lessons, providing a safe environment to explore their interests and guide them towards their dream.

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